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Available Services

If you require a paralegal service that is not listed below, and would like RPS to consider assisting you in this task, please go to our Contact page to inquire, or request a quote for consideration.

Reviewing the Law

Mass Document Review

Transcript Summarization

Discovery Analysis

Pleading Preparation

Office Meeting

Resume Writing

Cover Letter Preparation

For Law Firms

For Individuals

Law firms are fast-paced and demanding workplaces, and the paralegal staff doesn’t always have time during the regular workday to complete some of the more cumbersome tasks. In-house paralegals are often busy taking care of their day-to-day responsibilities and find themselves struggling to complete some of the more tedious assignments. Remote Paralegal Service provides support to assist firms in maintaining high efficiency by taking on these more time-consuming tasks.

Skilled and capable individuals are often over-looked by potential employers. This could be the result of not having a proper resume. There are many people who are exceptionally capable in their chosen profession, but simply don't have the grammatical abilities to express those skills in writing. Remote Paralegal Service would love to help set you apart from other candidates by providing a resume you can be proud of.

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